Minneapolis-area Shrine Circus

There is no circus like a Shrine Circus!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls – and Children of All Ages, it is once again time for The Shrine Circus.  Come see the 3 Ring Circus featuring High Wire Acts, Tigers, Flying Trapeze, Jugglers & a whole lot of “Clowning Around”!  The Shrine Circus provides a quality, fun-filled family experience with proceeds going to a great cause – the good work of Shriners in your community.  So hold on to your seats – and on with the Show!

For nearly 100 years, Zuhrah Shriners have brought the Shrine Circus to the surrounding area as an affordable, fun and exciting family orientated event. Create new memories with your kids that will last a lifetime.  This year’s show will include everything from elephants, big cats, to the world famous Shrine Clowns, and other acts sure to thrill and excite you and your family.

Children of all ages love the circus — especially the Zuhrah Shrine Circus, Minnesota’s premier family entertainment extravaganza! This family-friendly event is incredible fun for the whole family and should not be missed! It brings in families from all over the state!

The circus offers lots of fun, but it is also an annual fundraising event for Zuhrah Shriners. The profits of the circus support the operations of the Zuhrah Shriners. When you attend the Zuhrah Shrine Circus, we know you and your family will have lots of fun — all while helping local children and families.

When you buy a ticket … it’s more than just a ticket.

This is Zuhrah Shriners opportunity to give back to the Minneapolis area, a city that we as Shriners have been a part of for more than 125 years.

The Zuhrah Shrine Circus is an event that we look forward to bringing to you. Check back for updates. 

Proceeds are for the benefit of Zuhrah Shriners and payments are not deductible as charitable contributions.