Ladies & Families

Zuhrah Shriners is fun for ladies and families too!

Even though Zuhrah Shriners is a fraternity, there are plenty of events that include ladies and families. Many of the ladies would agree that Zuhrah Shriners is a great place to meet lifelong friends and have a variety of fun events to attend throughout the year.

To contact or become involved with the Zuhrah Ladies Auxiliary, contact Sue Borgersen at or at 651.452.5370

The Divan Ladies are developing a Ladies Mentoring program in tandem with the Zuhrah Strong Membership Committee. One feature of the program is direct communication to the Ladies about events happening at Zuhrah Shriners for the Noble’s Lady and family, Zuhrah Ladies Connect. Another aspect is personal contact with the new Noble Lady during the time the noble is going through the Ceremonial.

In the near future The Zuhrah Ladies Guidebook will serve as an information resource tool, and will be available at, Ladies Info (tab in the upper right corner).

If you have any questions about Ladies Connect or if you’d like to be added to the Ladies connect communications, please fill out the contact form below: