Exceptional Quality from Wagners Greenhouse and Garden Centers

These are high quality premium plants at a reduced price ( approximately 25% discount off retail per kit). This is a tremendous value!

Most people put flowers out for the summer. They make great beautiful gifts.

Think about mothers, daughters, grandmothers, May birthdays as well as your own garden, patio, deck or front porch.

Proceeds from this event are for the benefit of Zuhrah Shriners and are not tax deductible

My Garden Combo Kit

Each My Garden Combo Kit is seven premium plants in Six different combinations. Some are meant for sunny locations and some for shady locations.

Price: $32 for 7 plants.

My Energizing Sun Garden

Get a boost from this invigorating combination.
Plant in full sun. Includes:
2 Red Begonias
1 Red Coleus
2 Blue Scaevola
1 Yellow Marigold
1 Sweet Potato Vine

My Inspiring Sun Garden

Let this combination of
jewel tones brighten
your summer. Best in
full sun. Includes:
2 Purple Geraniums
2 Orange Calibrachoa
1 Blue Slvia
1 Bright Green Coleus
1 Purple Alternanthera

My Radiant Sun Garden

Bright pink & green
tones for full sun.
1 Pink Angelonia
2 Large Pink Begonias
1 Bright Green Coleus
2 Pink Petunias
1 Bright Green Sedum


My Vivid Sun Garden

Bold colors for a
stunning effect. Plant
in full sun. Includes:
1 Blue Salvia
2 Orange Begonias
2 oOange SunPatiens®
2 Yellow Calibrachoa

My Blushing Shade Garden

Soft colors brighten any
shady area. Best when
planted in all day light
shade. Includes:
1 White Euphorbia
3 Pink/Purple/Orange
2 Green Wire Vine

My Tropical Shade Garden

The rich tropical tones of this
garden will deepen your
appreciation of summer.
Best in all day light shade.
1 Red Coleus
2 Orange Tuberous Begonias
2 Yellow Tuberous Begonias
2 Bright Green Lysimachia

My Garden Select Kit

Each My Garden Select Kit consists of six premium plants of one type (single color or an assortment) . These are perfect for gardeners that prefer to focus on a single type of plant or design their own combination. There are seven different options available to suit any garden or container.

Price: $27 for 6 plants.


Begonia Big Red

Sun to shade
Height: 12-24”
Outstanding performers
in gardens or large
containers. More
upright growing habit
than Dragon Wing

Petunia Purple

Full sun.
Height: 6-10”
Spread: 30-36”
Spectacular spreading/ trailing plant covered with an abundance of purple blooms. Great in gardens & containers.

Begonia Blend

Part sun or shade
Height: 8-10”
An assortment of lush orange, pink, and yellow tuberous begonias with large, rosette blooms. Beautiful in hanging baskets and containers.

SunPatiens® Blend

Sun to part sun
Height: 18”
An assortment of red, orange and purple
SunPatiens® with loads of large flowers. Plant in containers or in the garden.

Coleus Blend

Sun to part sun Height: 18-24” An assortment of coleus varieties with green, pink and orange colored foliage.


Sweet Potato Vine

Full sun
Height: 6-8”
Spread: 24-36”
Chartreuse green foliage for dramatic
accents with a trailing habit.

Perfect for containers.

How to Order

There are two order forms.  One for My Garden Combo Kits and one for My Garden Select Kits. 

Click on which you want to order from for order form.

Complete the order form, it’s a filable PDF.  Save the form. 

Click on the email link below to send your forms by attaching to the email.  Include how you would like to pay.

Questions contact your club and unit leader or Carol Wurden at 651-688-8150 (leave a message)