Clubs & Units

Joining a Club or Unit is the best way to stay connected and engaged with Zuhrah. You’ll meet a great group of people and have experiences throughout the year that you’ll never forget! You can join more than one depending on your interests.

A Club is more geographically defined and are typically more socially oriented. Club meetings generally include spouses/significant others.

A Unit is a group of Nobles who have a common interest or purpose. Many of our Units perform in parades throughout the summer, and some other Units have other common interests.

If you’d like to start a new club or unit, please ask us how!

Top row: Mariners, Rod & Gun, Legion of Honor, Flyers .. Bottom row: Drum Corps, The Chairmen, Antique Cars, Ceremonial Unit

Top row: Birak Kar Kor, Steel Drum Band, Funsters, Cycle Corps .. Bottom row: Horsemen, Cobra Corps, Pipes & Drums, Band