The May 2016 Arabian is now available!

A message from our Potentate:

To quote the late, great Herb Brooks: “Great Moments … are born from Great Opportunity” Those of us remember the 1980 Olympic games and the “Miracle on Ice” or have seen the movie “Miracle” where the USA hockey team made history by taking an opportunity and creating a great moment by winning the Gold Medal.

Zuhrah Nobles and Ladies, we are fortunate to have opportunities that with our determination and action can realize great moments in Zuhrah’s history.

First opportunity is the Ma’Ceo Equestrian show. John Andersen, PP and Tim Davison brought the fund raising idea. Olissio Zoppe, Ma’Ceo creator, came to us rather than stay with the Minnesota Horse Expo.Then we found that Canterbury Park has always wanted to help the Shriners. They were also looking for another event to have during opening day of racing at the park. Thousands attend the racing event every year. Zuhrah Shriners have a new opportunity as an additional major fundraiser.

Second opportunity is participating with our philanthropy, Shriners Hospital for Children – Twin Cities. The Coins for Camps program and the Hospital Shoot on the 30th are raising funds for the kids’ camps. The Inaugural Hospital Gala on the 20th of May to raise money for a new “state of the art” scanning machine. Hospital day on the 21st of May lets everyone enjoy our Hospital Campus and see how we help kids. These are great opportunities for our philanthropy.

Lastly we purchased 6120 Blue Circle Drive. We now have a home and a new opportunity.We have had many great moments and will have many more with socializing and celebrating Zuhrah’s 130-year history. We are going to be open the 3rd Thursday for dinner and fun. Then celebrate our 130 years as Zuhrah Shriners on June 12th.

But what do we need? YOU! We need you; we need your club and unit. There are opportunities to attend or work at the Ma’Ceo show. Attend Hospital Day and the Gala. Raise money for the hospital. Decide what events happen at our NEW FACILITY.

This is a call to action nobles and ladies. We need you to attend and socialize. Bring your friends and family. We also need to move forward with our facility and we need your ideas. What events interest you? What do you want to see and do?

Isn’t every moment great because of Shriners?

We are Zuhrah – We Make A Difference

Your humble servant,
Adrian Skytland 2016 Potentate