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A letter from our Potentate:

The year was 1886. Grover Cleveland was the President of the United States. Pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton invented the first carbonated beverage that would be named Coca-Cola. Apache leader Geronimo surrendered with the last band of warriors to General Nelson Miles at Skeleton Canyon in Arizona. And on June 14,1886,Zuhrah Shriners became the 23rd Shrine Temple in the North America. This stone paver shown in the photograph marks that event along with the dates of all of the chartered organizations of our beloved fraternity at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

What this means is that on June 14, 2016, Zuhrah Shriners will be in existence 130 years. What a great milestone that we need to celebrate.So on Sunday,June 12,2016,we will be having a birthday party for Zuhrah Shriners at our building at 6120 Blue Circle Drive. We will also be having a Parade of Units to allow all nobles, ladies and families to see and hear all of our performing and parade units up close and personal. So mark that date on your calendar today. More details to come. It will be a great family fun event. All parade and performing units,get ready to show off your best performance.

Membership! Membership! Membership! On May 7, 2016, will be the Spring Ceremonial. You can find more information below.The nobles and ladies from the Bloomington Area Shrine Club, the Ceremonial Unit and the Membership Committee have been hard at work to plan a great event for the new nobles and ladies, as well as all of the mobles and ladies of Zuhrah Shriners.The event will be held at the Minnesota Valley Country Club in Bloomington and will include tours of the Masonic Home and the Run for the Roses Party.So make sure and get your candidates ready to join.

The Membership Team, along with the Divan, will be having a joint membership meeting with the Osman Shriners on March 21, 2016.They are meeting to discuss how they can work together on increasing membership in both organizations. Osman and Zuhrah will be sponsoring a hospitality room at Grand Lodge,April 7-9, 2016, at the DoubleTree, and the “BIG TENT” event November 12, 2016.

So have you been at 6120 Blue Circle Drive lately? Thank you to a lot of very dedicated and experienced nobles who have been hard at work getting the sound system and the televisions in the Oasis.All of the shadow boxes are up.If your club or unit wants to display information in one of the shadow boxes, contact Jim Burlingame Jr as soon as possible. For $50 you can get choice of location.We are also putting the plans to get the patio started, so if you still want a patio brick,the time is now.The Housing Committee could also use funds and assistance to complete some major and minor projects on their wish list. So please,Make a Difference!

Oh, and you can tell it’s spring.The wild turkeys are back! You have to come down and see!

We are Zuhrah – We Make A Difference

Your humble servant,
Adrian Skytland 2016 Potentate
potentate@zuhrah. org