The February Arabian is available to view online.

A letter from our Potentate:

Thank You, Nobles of Zuhrah Shriners, for placing your trust and confidence in electing me to serve as your Potentate for 2016.As is written within the installation obligation, “he who would be greatest among us must be servants of all” is a promise that we, the leaders of Zuhrah Shriners, make to you today and tomorrow. We will commit to you the needs of Zuhrah Shriners ahead of our own.This is represented to you by the 2016 Potentate’s Pin you see here.

2016 Pin

The shape of the pin is a diamond. If you can remember signs on roadways where curves are ahead a diamond sign represents change in the roadway. Likewise, the diamond represents change that needs to happen in our organization to move forward and remain strong. The Zuhrah Shrine logo in the center represents the future branding of our organization.The Scimitar,on the bottom of the pin,is our traditional logo representing our heritage. The tag line We are Zuhrah – We Make A Difference is a statement to the strength of our organization and our desire to make a difference in every way.

So how do we make a difference? The Starfish story is a story of the man seeing a boy throwing starfish back into the ocean. The man sees the difficult task of thousands of starfish on the beach where the boy sees just one and by saving the life of that one he’s able to make a difference. This is what we, as Zuhrah Shriners need to remind ourselves. Even though the task at hand seems to be large and overwhelming, focusing on some part we can change and we will make a difference.

So it’s now my pleasure to introduce to you the Make a Difference award. The award is shown to the right and includes the story with a lapel pin to proudly show your dedication to Zuhrah Shriners and the Shriners Hospital for children. I encourage you to submit names of nobles that make a difference in the process of daily activity.

One of our objectives for 2016 is to Increase the health and strength of Zuhrah Shriners. Within this objective is increasing our communication in which two changes have happened. If you are a club and unit leader you may have had communication with our Marshal, Ron Peterson. Within his Marshal position he will be the hub of the Communication Committee and needs to know any additions or changes to events happening within Zuhrah. You may also have seen changes to the eRabian and by this printing, a new website. All of which are making a difference in how we communicate.

Finally, as a longtime member of the Zuhrah Pipes and Drums, I’ve asked the unit to bring back two events that had been traditions in the band and both of these events will be at our new home. First, is the Chili Cook-off on the 20th of February with a new twist of a game night. So here’s the official challenge to all of you and the clubs and units who think you can make the best Chili and challenge the Pipes and Drums who have years of experience. Then on Saturday, the 12th of March, will be the Order of the Malt. Yes, scotch whiskey at its finest and a degree allowing you to become a member in the Order of the Malt.This is a gentlemen’s only event but follow the Arabian, the eRabian, and visit the website as there is also plans to have a ladies event opposite this event.

In closing I leave you with this thought: We are Zuhrah – We Make A Difference

Your humble servant,

Adrian Skytland 2016 Potentate