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A letter from our Potentate:

Nobles, Ladies and Friends of Zuhrah,

2015 was a year of transitions for Zuhrah.Zuhrah bought a new building in Minnetonka,and we went through a significant interior remodel to better suit the needs of our Nobility.We successfully moved out of the Fridley location to Minnetonka and once again, right-sized the amount of items to be kept in storage (we tossed some junk, lots of it).We were honored to have MWB John Gann and his leadership perform a meaningful “Cornerstone Dedication” for our new Zuhrah Shrine Center in July at the Ice Cream Social. Zuhrah has many members in various trade professions and we were able to call on their experience and expertise for planning, advice, vendor associations and the hundreds of labor hours volunteered by our members to complete the renovations. Thank YOU, each one of you.

Zuhrah also pulled off a miracle in the Shrine Circus held at the Target Center over Thanksgiving weekend given that our original performance contract was cancelled less than 27 days before Show Time.The volunteers (Nobles,their Ladies and family as well as our appendant bodies from Lodge, Jobies, DeMolay and Fezzan brothers) really stepped up to sell novelties,popcorn, cotton candy, candy, and animal rides.The weather was very nice that weekend and I appreciate each of you who committed to working at the Circus instead of other hustle-bustle activities of a holiday weekend.The end result was a tremendous success, our attendance was over 26,000 guests and the Circus generated over $95,000 net proceeds to Zuhrah. I can’t thank the volunteers enough for their commitment to Zuhrah;it shows we have great members that really care about our fraternity.

I also had the pleasure to present one more Potentate’s Medal—this time to Shane Wendt. Shane has not only been an active participate in the Shrine, he has also involved his wife Audra and daughters Sophia and Sydney, our 2015 Youth Ambassadors, helping Deb and me with various events throughout the year.

I have truly enjoyed serving as your Potentate during 2015. It was exciting, fun and even challenging, at times. Deb and I will always have great memories of all the activities and events that took place throughout the year. I would like to think that the message this year of “Leave Your Mark, Lend a Hand” resonated through the events and activities during 2015.

I wish nothing but success to Zuhrah’s 2016 Potentate, Divan and Leadership teams. Continue to keep the children in our hospital in your prayers.You have left your mark on us this year, Deb and I look forward to the next phase with Zuhrah’s Nobility and Ladies.

Yours in Faith, Ross and Deb Hjermstad 2015 Potentate and First Lady